Copy-editing, proofreading and formatting services

The editorial services you need will depend on what your document is, what stage it is at and what needs to be done to get it into shape. Once I have a few details from you I will advise you on the editing service that meets your needs. I will tell you if I think you can save money by doing further work yourself first!

I will give you a free no-obligation estimate of price and let you know what work I think is required once I have seen at least a sample of your document.

The tasks in the services descriptions below are a general guide only and will be confirmed on submission of your draft document.

Who I work for

  • publishers
  • businesses
  • independent authors and self-publishing writers
  • design agencies
  • government departments
  • non-profit organisations
  • universities and students
  • non-native English speakers

… in fact, anyone who uses words!

What I work on

  • general non-fiction
  • e-books
  • school textbooks
  • magazines and newsletters
  • web and blog articles
  • business documents and promotional materials
  • government/annual reports
  • information leaflets
  • dissertations


proofreadingChecking the final version of your document for minor mistakes and inconsistencies and for correct typographical layout (what it looks like on the page). People often use the term ‘proofreading’ to mean any kind of editing, but it really means checking your document once it has been formatted (by you or a designer) for printing or final output. This is not the time to make major changes or start rewriting. If your document needs such work then it should first be copy-edited.

Example checks carried out at proofreading are (if applicable to your document):

  • spelling, punctuation and grammar errors
  • correct numbering of pages, sections, tables, figures etc.
  • cross-references are to correct page or section
  • styling is consistent, e.g. headings, use of capitals
  • no major errors of fact
  • layout looks correct
  • finalise table of contents, list of figures etc.
  • illustrations and figures in correct places, captions correct
  • running headers and footers check

Guide price: Please ask for a free no-obligation estimate


copy-editingWorking with you on your draft document to improve the flow, readability and quality of your writing and get it ready for publication or printing. The checks carried out at this stage will depend on the requirements of your document. I will recommend what is needed once I have seen at least a sample, and we will then agree on the tasks to be undertaken. Once editing is complete you can finalise the layout and then have it proofread before distribution.

Example checks carried out at editing are (if applicable to your document):

  • spelling consistency, e.g. use –ise or –ize endings
  • spelling, punctuation and grammar errors
  • numbering of sections, tables, figures etc.
  • style guide preparation or applying house style
  • mark up or formatting for layout, e.g. fonts, headings, spacing, image placeholders etc.
  • basic facts, dates and arithmetic check
  • suggestions to improve flow or readability
  • references, notes and bibliography correct
  • rewriting if unclear, to suit a particular readership, to replace jargon or to reduce word count; also for non-native English speakers who know what they want to write but who need help expressing it properly in English

Guide price: Please ask for a free no-obligation estimate

 Design & layout

design and layoutCreating a clear and consistent design and layout for your book or document so that it looks good on the page. I will work with you to design some sample layouts for you to choose from, then provide you with a professionally formatted document to submit for publishing or printing. You retain full copyright of your work. I can also format by applying your own design ideas for interior page layout or your house style.

You will get:

  • sample layouts to choose from if I design your document
  • style guide for future use
  • properly formatted document (e.g. InDesign, Word, PowerPoint)
  • print-ready PDF file if you need one
  • copies of original design files in case you need to make changes

Guide price: from £1.50 per simple formatted page to £4.50 for complex layouts with tables etc.; £2.00 per image

 E-books & POD

ebooks and print on demandE-books and print on demand are great ways for independent writers to get their work published. However, competition is fierce and readers will quickly become disengaged if your book does not look good or function well. Print layout and e-book formatting have different requirements, and a professional layout will help you avoid the ‘self-published look’.

You will get:

  • sample layouts to choose from
  • properly formatted epub and mobi files ready for submission to iBooks, Nook, Kindle etc.
  • instructions on how to view and test your e-book
  • print-ready PDF file for printed books
  • copies of original design files in case you need to make changes

Guide price: e-book formatting from £75.00; print-on-demand layout from £1.50 per page; £2.00 per image