You can help the editorial process along by following these masterful tips on submitting manuscripts for editing:

  • Please use as many fonts, colours and styles as you can. It looks pretty, doesn’t it? It won’t at all distract me from the editing process.
  • fancy fontsNever use Word styles – they are the spawn of the Devil and will just interfere with your creativity.
  • The quickest way to indent new paragraphs is to just keep pressing the Tab key until it’s roughly in the right place.
  • Using lots of tabs is also a great way to put information into tables. Even better, move the margins for each line so they line up just where you want them.
  • tab keyRemember to leave two spaces between sentences, after colons and anywhere else you feel the text should ‘breathe’.
  • Make sure I know where you want to start a new paragraph by pressing the Enter key a few times. I might miss it if you don’t leave enough white space.
  • You’ll be able to create all sorts of fancy layouts if you add little bits of writing in separate text boxes. Don’t worry if they seem to move around – I’ll work out what goes where.
  • perfect!It can be tricky to find the degree symbol on some computers so feel free to type in an ‘O’, change the size to something tiny and set it to raised height. That should work no problem.
  • Same goes for subscript and superscript characters. Why bother when you’ve already mastered a great technique for degree symbols?

fluffy kitten, and why not?You MAY also wish to read the alternative version of this article: Quick tips for authors on submitting your draft to an editor.

This round of No-hoper’s Guides was started by my colleague John Espirian (see his No-hoper’s Guide to LinkedIn). Blame him.