You can help the editorial process along – and save money and time – by following these quick tips on submitting manuscripts for editing:

  • Don’t try to make your document look like a finished product/book, with pretty fonts and formatting, as I’ll probably strip that out in the pre-edit clean-up.
  • If you want to visually show the different headings and paragraphs, learn how to use Word styles properly.
  • Never use repeated tabs or spaces to indent text or to make ‘tables’ – learn how to indent properly.
  • Leave only one space between sentences, not two.
  • Don’t add an extra line space between paragraphs – use the space after paragraph settings instead.
  • Don’t put anything in Word text boxes – keep all your text in the main document.
  • If you need superscript or subscript characters, apply the proper formatting for these – don’t decrease the font size and raise or lower the text.
  • Insert the proper symbol for degrees – don’t use a teeny superscript ‘o’!